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The Church in the Old Testament with Michael J. Glodo – S2 Ep 5

Season 2 Episode 5 – The Church in the Old Testament with Michael J. Glodo

Introduction to Episode: During episode 5 of season 2, we dive into a dialogue that describes the Old Testament Church and how we, the New Testament church cannot shake the OT church. Dr. Glodo deeply explains the reason for the OT church and how God shows His power and mercy through the ages.

Co-Host: The Rev. Michael J. Glodo- Professor Glodo has served on the faculty at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Orlando since 1991 (I was like three years old). Professor Glodo temporarily abandoned his post at RTS of six years as as he served as the Stated Clerk (Chief Administrative Officer) of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2000-2006). During that time he has taught Old Testament, New Testament, Preaching, Theology of Ministry and a variety of electives. For most of the last ten years, Professor Glodo has also served as Dean of the Chapel as he plans, leads, coordinates, and preaches in the weekly chapel services. Professor Glodo earned a bachelor of science from the University of Illinois and a master of divinity along with a master of theology form Covenant Theological Seminary. Top it all off, he did Ph.D. studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Yes. Professor Glodo knows this topic and has published several articles. His latest article was published in the Westminster Society Journal so go check that out.

Podcast Episode Summary: In this episode, we talk about why hymns are based on the OT and what their significance is to the church today.We discuss why should the NT church aspire the status of the OT church. Prof. Glodo has been on the show before with his previous interview on


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