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The Church is a Place You Go with Cameron Shaffer – S2 – Ep1

Season 2 Episode 1 – The Church is a Place You Go

Introduction to Episode: During the first episode of season 2, we discuss the importance of going to a “church” and worshipping with like believers in the faith. Most people think that the church is just a building that you go, but they miss the meaning of the word church. Yes, a church building is a place you go to worship as a church, as one body. We are to be the visible church functioning in union with the catholic church.

Co-Host: Cameron Shaffer has an M.Div from Redeemer Theological Seminary and an M.Th from the University of Glasgow. He is the Associate Pastor at North Oaks Community Church in Clarkston, Michigan, where he lives with his wife and son. Cameron holds his ordination with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Podcast Episode Summary: During Season 2, we will ask ourselves questions that pertain to the local church and its visibility. The WCF 25.2 refers to the visible church as the catholic or universal church under the gospel. We discuss the role of a pastor who leads a congregation on terms of church being a place to go.

Notable Quotes: “No Christian has ever been called to walk alone in his or her own faith. We need on another. The church was designed from the beginning to function as the living body of Christ on Earth.” – Brandon Queen “Why would you not go to church to worship God, why would avoid going to church to worship God” – Cameron S. Shaffer

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