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The Michael Cheramie Testimony – A Deep Seated Faith

Synopsis: You have heard me say over the past few weeks say faith is practical. It’s an action that is visible for all to see. How strong is your faith in God for the tough times? During turmoil and at your lowest of low, dig deep for the deep-seated faith in God and all He can do for your life. This short testimony shows how deep the father’s love is for just one wayward child. Just imagine what His love looks like for the rest of us!

Meet the Guest:
Our guest is not a man of flowery introduction; he is not a man of prestige accomplishment. Yet is a man that has a passion for reaching the lost. 35-year-old, Michael Cheramie, Jr is a man of God who loves his family. Like all of us, Michael was recured by the Cross of Jesus. Michael’s passion is sharing the gospel with a lost and dying world. Michael is married and has a 14-year-old son.

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