Freedom from Anxiety in a Time of Fear

The Way Radio Episode 0072

Freedom from Anxiety in a Time of Fear

How can someone not be anxious amidst so much insanity and chaos in a world that is spinning out of control? Evil, hatred, lies, and division have increased drastically over the last year and a half. Anxiety and fear are reflected in the eyes of millions of masked faces as the Covid hoax drags on. The threat of war with China grows, the world’s supply chain is clogged, and the coming “Dark Winter” here in America is the latest topic of fear pouring from mainstream propaganda channels.

Why is it becoming increasingly clear that anything to do with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith will not be tolerated in much of modern society? How did the world end up in such a terrible condition in increasing defiance of God?

For years God has been denied by some and ignored by others as humanity has gradually moved away from God and toward secular humanism. Now, we are in a time of transitioning from denial of God to defiance of God. It is not enough to deny the existence of God. Instead, God must be defied and reviled as man sets himself up as god.

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