Unholy Agendas – When Morality is Illegal

The Way Radio Episode 0080

Unholy Agendas – When Morality is Illegal

Because God’s word provides us with absolute and eternal truth, it is easy to know what is right and what is wrong, what is biblical, and what is worldly when it comes to the big divisive moral issues of our time. Homosexuality and gender identity are common sense issues, simple issues to address when considered from a biblical perspective.

What does the bible say about homosexuality?

What does the bible say about genders?

What we see happening in Canada and Australia could happen here in America – if the people allow it. America, like the rest of the western world, has slid into immorality and rebellion against God – the prevalence of abortion alone is enough to nail this point home. The problem and the danger Americans must face is the erroneous belief that a corrupt and broken system of government will be able to fix a corrupt and broken country.

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