The Inescapable Sovereignty of God

The Way Radio Episode 0081

The Inescapable Sovereignty of God

To struggle to completely understand the sovereignty of God makes sense because we are seeking to understand the mind of the perfect and holy eternal creator with the mind of a fallen, sinful and finite creature. We will not fully understand God’s sovereignty on this side of heaven, and any understanding that we are blessed with is through the supernatural revealing of the Holy Spirit.

Man’s free will does not exist outside of God’s will. God’s sovereignty encompasses all of universal creation. No human has ever made a decision that has been outside of the sovereignty of God.

Nothing happens without the ordination of God, because then events would happen at random, and it is very clear all through scripture that God works according to His plan and design. No human in all of time has ever been outside of the stream of God’s eternal plan. Every breath, every heartbeat, every subatomic vibration at the minutest quantum level throughout all eternity has happened within and according to the will, control, design, and plan of God.

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