Battling Depression

The Way Radio Episode 0085

Battling Depression

It seems that in all times – good or bad, depression has been a common problem for both believers and unbelievers – my favorite preacher, Charles Spurgeon suffered from bouts of depression throughout his life. Spurgeon grew and matured through his times of darkness. Believers can either give in to depression, mask it with prescription drugs, or we can strive to overcome it, learn from it, grow and mature from the experience of it.

following on the heels of the Covid hoax, we are faced with daily news and images of war, destruction, suffering, and death coming out of Ukraine. The possibility of World War 3 and a crumbling fiat currency economy as the federal government relentlessly hacks away at the God-given rights of people and the founding principles of America. There is indeed much to be depressed about if we allow ourselves to be affected and influenced by what is happening.

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