Battling Depression Part 4 – The Core Issue

The Way Radio Episode 0088

Battling Depression Part 4 – The Core Issue

If we do not address the core cause and reason of depression we may end up in the worldly habit of moving continually from one self-help method to another, making ourselves feel better for a while, but not growing and maturing and overcoming because we have not dealt with the root of the problem.

Sin is the core issue of human pain and suffering and therefore the core issue of depression. Even if an unfortunate person is clinically depressed because of a biological or chemical problem, their depression is still one of the results of the sinful state of the human race.

Rather than trying to correct situations, circumstances, and consequences, we should be examining, exposing, confessing, and repenting of the sin which is the root cause of man’s problems, pains, and suffering.

Knowing that we as believers are blessed to be covered in the perfect righteousness of Christ should give us courage and humility to shine his light into the hidden corners of our being so that what is contrary to Him may be exposed, confessed, repented of, forgiven and washed away through his blood.

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