Theology Gals with Coleen Sharp & Rachel Miller ⭐️

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What these gals have to say is vitally important for the local church and the Christian Faith.

Essential Doctrines: Series Wrap Up

This week Coleen and Rachel wrap up the current season on essential doctrines with an overview of the series. 

Sola Gratia Co

Theology Gals Episodes From the Series:

Creeds and Confessions 

The Trinity – Eternal Functional Subordination with Glenn Butner

Federal Vision: A Gospel Issue

Part 2 Federal Vision: A Gospel Issue

The Humanity of Christ

The Importance of Understanding Law and Gospel

Understanding the Law 

What is the Gospel? with Pastor John Fonville

Antinomianism and Legalism with John Fonville Part 2


The Work of the Holy Spirit 

Good Works 

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