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Federal Vision: A Gospel Issue Part 1

Theology Gals | Episode 138

This week Coleen and Rachel discuss Federal Vision. In this part one episode, the ladies focus on the history and doctrines of Federal Vision and explain how Federal Vision is a threat to the gospel. 
Episode Resources:
Resources On The Federal Vision Theology – Heidelblog 

For Those Just Tuning In: What Is The Federal Vision? R. Scott Clark 

Resources on Norman Shepherd – Heidelblog 

Background on the Curr Salvation Controversy by R. Scott Clark 

Salvation by Grace Alone Through Faith Alone in Christ Alone by Rachel Miller 

Back to the Reformed Confessions and Catechisms by Rachel Miller 

“Reformed” is Definitely Enough:

A critique of Douglas Wilson’s book, “Reformed” is not Enough”

By Dr. C. Matthew McMahon

URCNA Report on the Federal Vision and Justification

OPC Report on Justification 

RCUS Study Committee on the Federal Vision’s Doctrine of Justification

Just In Time For Reformation Day: The Return Of The Federal Visionists (And Their Allies) by R. Scott Clark 

Heidelcast 131: The Heidelcast Is Back And So Is The Federal Vision

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