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Masculine and Feminine in the Church

Theology Gals| Episode 130
This week Coleen and Rachel discuss various views on masculine and feminine in the church.
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“Men and women effectively function in separate and distinct domains. We have men’s ministries and women’s ministries. We have programs for our senior high girls and guys. The local Christian bookstore even sells different Bibles for women and men. On the one hand, women in conservative churches teach women’s Bible studies and take care of most of the childcare needs, from nursery to children’s Sunday School and choirs. They are tasked with most of the hospitality functions in the church: wedding and baby showers, potluck (pot providence?) dinners, coffee and donuts in the narthex. Women also take care of many of the mercy ministry needs, such as meals for the sick or for new mothers. Women’s Bible studies are likely to focus on biblical womanhood, motherhood, and hospitality. Typically, lay men, on the other hand, teach men’s and coed Bible studies and most youth group programs. Men take care of the maintenance and upkeep of the church. They may also be tasked with assisting in home repairs for widows and for others in need. Men’s Bible studies are often focused on doctrinal or theological training and leadership.” Rachel Green Miller Beyond Authority and Submission
Muscular Christianity by Michael Horton (You can find the article printed in its entirety here)
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