What’s the Matter with Tim Keller? with Amy Mantravadi | Theology Gals | Episode 28

On this episode of Theology Gals Coleen and Ashley talk with Amy Mantravadi about Tim Keller. They discuss whether some of the common criticisms of Tim Keller are valid.
Episode Resources:
Amy's blog

What's the Matter with Tim Keller by Amy Mantravadi

An Examination of Tim Keller’s Views on the Trinity by Amy Mantravadi
Resources from Amy:
“Why God Made Cities” by Tim Keller is available at this site free of charge:
“The Country Parson” by Tim Keller:
“Why We Need Artists” by Tim Keller:
“Christian Social Project” by Tim Keller (mentions abortion):
Tim Keller's view of two books on same sex relationships
Keller's three sermons on the Trinity:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
The Triune God
The Triune God
“The Love of God” by D.A. Carson:
Best of the Trinity Debate from Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
“Only the Triune God is Love” Discussion with Keller, Carson, and Piper

Disclaimer: The opinions detailed in any resources recommended by Theology Gals, does not necessarily mean an endorsement in their entirety.


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