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Woman: The Forgotten Story with Cindy Koch | Theology Gals | Episode 30

On this episode of Theology Gals Coleen talks with Cindy Koch about her new book Woman: The Forgotten Story. Join them as we discuss a woman’s identity and the importance of the gospel. Ashley and Coleen also tell you about their new segment.

For information on being entered for a chance to receive on of Cindy’s books, see this post.
Episode Resources:
Woman: The Forgotten Story by Cindy Koch

Read Cindy at The Jagged Word

Read Cindy at 1517 Legacy

Some of Cindy’s blog posts

Remembering the Righteous Woman

Solving the Struggle of Mom

What Makes a Wonder Woman?  

The Gospel for Moms

Mommies of the Reformation

Guys – Stop Ordaining Our Women!

Adam, Why Did You Let Her Eat That Apple?


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