Are Celebrity Pastors Helpful or Harmful?

Are Celebrity Pastors Helpful or Harmful?Theology Throw Down episode 13

Are celebrity pastors helpful or harmful? Unfortunately, it’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors. There is an important difference between celebrity pastors being famous for just being famous and preaching the word of God; one can be beneficial while the other may cause spiritual damage. That disparity should not mean that we avoid any person who has reached fame however–instead, let us rather take advantage of this opportunity by getting involved with our local church instead!

The team of Christian Podcast Community podcasters discusses these issues. They also discuss the importance of the local church versus a preacher who is just famous for being famous. Whether celebrity preachers are helpful or harmful is a hotly debated question. The Christian Podcast Community podcasters discuss the pros and cons of both situations, most notably how much easier it can be to get involved with your local church as opposed to getting excited about someone you do not know who may have one good sermon every now and then.

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