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The podcasters of the Christian Podcast Community join together to discuss theological issues in love and charity.

Episode 9 A Theology of Rest

Theology Throw Down Episode 9 The Christian Podcast Community podcasters gather together to discuss the Theology of Rest.

Panel host: Anthony Russo, host of Grace and PeaceRadio.

Panelists: Coleen Sharp, co-host of Theology Gals, Eve Franklin, co-host of Are You Just Watching?, and Daniel Mynyck, host of Truthspresso.

Whether they be minutes, hours, or extended vacations and sabbaticals, what does it mean to have seasons of rest in our lives? How does rest reflect God’s goodness to His children, and His common grace to the world? How does rest point us to resting in Christ and to the future eternal rest in Heaven promised for every believer? Be encouraged by this engaging round-table discussion.

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