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Humor and the Christian

Theology Throw Down episode 15

Not sure about you, but when people think of humor and Christians, their mind does not automatically go to a scene from the Bible. In fact, it is probably more likely that we are thinking about a biblical reenactment or something like “Veggie Tales.” But in reality, humor is an important part of Christianity. It is what gives us hope and joy during difficult times in our lives. Laughter can be used as an outlet for so much pain – especially if your faith is being tested.
In this podcast, we will explore the benefits of humor and how it can help strengthen your relationship with God through laughter!

“Jesus told his disciples to be a ‘light of hope and joy in a dark world’ (1 Peter 2:9). But what if you’re not naturally funny? What if your sense of humor is more dry than witty, more sarcastic than goofy? We will explain how Christians can use humor as a tool for ministry. We will explore the different types of humor found in scripture and discuss how we can avoid offending people with our jokes.”

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