The Lord’s Supper

The Lord's SupperTheology Throw Down episode 20

The discussion was on the Lord’s Supper or the communion. There are many questions that were discussed. Some call it the Lord’s Supper and others the communion. Is there really a difference? That leads to the question, what is the Lord’s Supper? What is the meaning of it? There are many different views, especially if you look at the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran, and other Protestant groups. Part of the communion is to have a time of self-reflection. Therefore, we discuss if there should be a warning before the passing of the elements. What do the elements represent? Different dominations have different views of the elements. Is the bread real bread or the physical body of Christ? Is the wine real wine or the literal blood of Christ?

There is maybe the greatest difference in the area of the elements themselves. Should the bread be unleavened or could it be leavened? Some more issues arise with the question of the wine. Should it be real wine or does grape juice suffice? Could real wine if used cause a stumbling block for someone with a problem with alcohol? Churches have different opinions on how often should church celebrate the Lord’s Supper? Some churches celebrate communion every week, some monthly, and others on a different schedule, so is there a right frequency?

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