Analytical Tools at IF: Dr. Curt Thompson & Behavioral Neuroscience (part 2)- The Fall & Sin

Thoroughly Equipped Season 2 Episode 26
Continuing our look at IF:’s incorporation of the analytical tool of Psychology as Dr. Curt Thompson (a regular speaker at the IF:Gathering and IF:Lead conferences) integrates Interpersonal Neurobiology with Scripture. I hope to show you how he psychoanalyzes the Fall in Genesis 3 and psychologizes sin to make our problem more about shame instead of transgressing God’s law.
Topics in this episode:
  • How Dr. Thompson believes Neuroscience is a language God uses to reveal himself and how we can incorporate it to share the Gospel
  • What Dr. Thompson believes about the temptation of the Serpent
  • Was Eve’s sin a result of shame over her inadequacy in her relationship with God?
  • Sin, shame, and nakedness
  • Is Shame the antecedent of sin?
  • Where these teachings from Dr. Thompson may lead women
May this episode bless you and glorify God!
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