Critical Race Theory as an Analytical Tool?

Thoroughly Equipped S.2 Ep.32

What is Critical Race Theory? What does it teach? Should Critical Race Theory be used as an analytical tool? And is this theory something you should worry about?

In this episode I interview Andrew Rappaport from the Rapp Report to tackle these questions.

Before we dive into the Be the Bridge ministry and other racial reconciliation ministries promoted at the IF:Gathering, we need to lay the ground work and look at the presuppositions that come with Critical Race Theory. This way when we look at these ministries and what they claim and teach, we will see how they incorporate CRT as an analytical tool and assume certain things in regards to racism and white superiority.

If we get the problem wrong, the solution will be wrong. If we misdiagnose the problem there will be no reconciliation. So will incorporating Critical Race Theory as an analytical tool help the church with racial reconciliation? Does it accurately diagnose the problem?

May this episode bless you and bring glory to God!

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