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A podcast designed for women comparing the popular American Evangelical Women's Ministry books, videos, podcast, etc. to Scripture with the intent to show how Scripture thoroughly equips them for every good work (2Tim. 3:16-17).

Discipleship Tools of the IF: Ministry- Enjoying Jesus, Pt 1

Thoroughly Equipped S.2 Ep.21

Starting the 4th part of TE’s series on Jennie Allen’s IF: ministry looking at what is presented as discipleship tools. In this episode we look at an IF:Equip study titled Enjoying Jesus which teaches it’s disciples to implement Spiritual Disciplines as the means to draw closer and be intimate with God, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Topics discussed:

What are Spiritual Disciplines?

What is their purpose?

Why do we need them?

Do they make us “enjoy Jesus”?

What was Jesus’ yoke?

How are we truly brought near to God?

The Sufficiency of Christ

May this episode bless you and bring glory to God!

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