We just finished up 3 part critique on Jennie Allen’s “Get Out of Your Head: A Study in Philippians” which mixes certain Psychological techniques with Scripture. I wanted to take time to actually look at these Positive Psychological techniques and ask “What is Positive Psychology and what are these techniques she has us do in her projects”? How might it contrast with Scripture and then ask if we even need them. 

These last 2 episodes have been some of the most challenging but incredibly solidifying study in my belief in Sola Scriptura and so I hope it blesses you in trusting God’s Word for ALL life and godliness as it has for me! May God be praised!

“Get Out of Your Head: A study in Philippians” critique:

Part 1:https://anchor.fm/thoroughlyequipped/episodes/Ep-13–Lets-look-at-Jennie-Allens-Get-Out-of-Your-Head-A-Study-in-Philippians-part-1-e1402dd