Thoroughly Equipped with Melissa Lex ⭐️

Hosted ByMelissa Lex

A podcast designed for women comparing the popular American Evangelical Women's Ministry books, videos, podcast, etc. to Scripture with the intent to show how Scripture thoroughly equips them for every good work (2Tim. 3:16-17).

Ep.21- Let’s Talk About Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling for Teens: 50 Devotions to Grow Your Faith” pt.3

The last episode on this book critiques and we cover topics/questions such as:

Does God keep a record/score of ALL our doings?
Did Jesus give up Heaven for us? 
Is Christ IN His creation such as in the hug of a parent, in the smile of a friend, or in the beauty of a sunset or majesty of the mountains?
What does Scripture mean that we are in Christ?
If faith believing in the things we hope and dream for?
What/who do we put our faith in?
Can we, in our human minds, choose to love and serve Christ?
Are we good enough to be loved?
Does God love us unconditionally?
Where does worry come from, and how do we conquer it?

May God bless you and your teens and may God get ALL the glory!