IF:Equip’s Arise- Seeds of Social Justice (Pt.3 Jesus & Justice)

What does IF:Equip’s Arise teach about Jesus and Social Justice?

IF:Equip’s Arise, claims that Jesus’ ministry was mostly focused on the marginalized, oppressed, and poor in society. His purpose was to always set free, and heal and that these acts of mercy and compassion were Jesus fighting for justice.

In this episode we will look at how IF:Equip’s Arise presents Jesus. We will look at what they claim His mission and ministry was. Both Social Gospel and IF:Equip’s Arise teach that Jesus set about to uproot social norms, and to bring temporal comforts to social groups. They claim that Jesus was stating that His this was His mission by quoting Isaiah 61:1-2 to make this claim in Luke 4:16-18. But is this true? What did Jesus mean by quoting Isaiah 61:1-2? 

IF:Equip’s Arise also makes the claim that Jesus was always quick to heal, feed, and rescue the oppressed;  that Jesus always did these things when presenting the Gospel and was even willing to “break a rule” to love His neighbor through social acts of restoration. I wanted to look at Scripture and see if that was true.

Bottom line: what is the problem with presenting Jesus as a Social Justice warrior? Where might this lead an unbeliever or a new convert? What might this do to the faith, assurance, and sanctification of a wife and a mother?

Resources used for this episode:

Stand to Reason YT Channel- Jesus Did Not Come to Preach Social Justice


Professor H’s Land of Wisdom YT Channel on The Social Gospel Movement


Other Resources:

⁠⁠⁠Striving for Eternity⁠⁠⁠

⁠⁠⁠Christian Podcast Community

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