Thinking Biblically about Education

Thoroughly Equipped S.2 Ep.15

Taking a short break before we dive into the 4th part of T.E.’s series evaluating Jennie Allen’s IF: ministry.

During the break I thought I’d share with you a workshop I presented at Victory Bible Church’s Home Education Conference early on in August.

In this workshop I look at some of the main philosophies behind our current system of education, discuss God’s calling to parents to train up their children, his hand in our vocation as parents, and the vocation that God has called our children to in his providence.

Topics include:

  • The 7 main educational philosophies that direct the world’s idea of education
  • Why do we need to think biblically about education?
  • Looking at 2 lost doctrines that will help us think biblically about education
    • The Doctrine of Vocation
    • The Doctrine of Providence
  • What does the doctrine of Vocation and the doctrine of Providence have to do with Education?

May this episode bless you and glorify God!

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