Training Christians to Divide: White Fragility

Thoroughly Equipped Season 2 Episode 37

Be the Bridge Ministry has it’s white bridge builders start with teaching them about their whiteness; hoping to help them learn humility and grow in racial righteousness. The Be The Bridge 101 Guide: Foundational Principals Every White Bridge Builder Needs to Know helps gives white people 4 steps to addressing their whiteness; White Identity, White Privilege, White Fragility, and White Supremacy.

We have addressed the first 2 in the last episode and are going to talk about the 3 foundational principle in this one: White Fragility. We will ask questions about white fragility to help us see what’s behind the idea.

Topics Include:

  • What is white fragility?
  • What spurs it on?
  • What cultural ideas ignite white fragility in white people? Are they ideas worth being challenged and cast aside?
  • What are the presuppositions behind white fragility?
  • Is teaching white people to over come white fragility a good or bad thing? Does overcoming it, as we are instructed in Be The Bridge 101, actually bring unity to God’s people?
  • White fragility and real racism
  • How do we as Christians REALLY become humble and fight ethnic hatred and false bias?

May this episode bless you and bring glory to God!

Resources in this episode:

Be The Bridge Podcast Episodes used in opening clip:

Selfwire: White Fragility is an Evil and Irrational Concept

Kootenai Church Coference: Progressive Christianity & the Church

Got Questions on the Parable of the Talents:⁠

Other Resources:

White Fragility with Chris Hohnholz


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