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A podcast designed for women comparing the popular American Evangelical Women's Ministry books, videos, podcast, etc. to Scripture with the intent to show how Scripture thoroughly equips them for every good work (2Tim. 3:16-17).

Women Who Preach or Teach Over Men in the Church

Thoroughly Equipped S.2 Ep.4

Before we continue on our critique of the IF:Gathering Conference and look at it’s popular speakers, I wanted to lay a foundation for why it is necessary to discern what Scripture says about women who even occasionally preach or teach over men in a Sunday service.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

The authority and sufficiency of Scripture<br />
What is Scripture?<br />
Where does it come from?<br />
What authority was given to the Apostles?<br />
Who is Head of the Church?<br />
The Holy Spirit's work through Paul in instructing how the church is to be run.<br />
Looking at 1Tim.1:3-2:7 and 1Corin. 14:33-35 in context.<br />
What is preaching?

May this episode bless you and bring glory to God!

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