Truth For You – Ungodly Civil Magistrates #1

Welcome to Truth For You, the podcast featuring the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Andrew Smith, pastor of Christ Reformed Community Church in St. Augustine, FL.  Truth For You features conversation and preaching from a distinctly Reformed theological perspective and seeks to glorify God, exalt Christ, and edify saints.

Today’s episode, the first of a four-part series, focuses on the very timely issue of ungodly civil magistrates.  The discussion today between Andrew and Bud includes consideration of the broad confusion many church members have regarding the authority of the state versus the authority of God in their lives.  The conversation includes a look at Romans 13 improperly interpreted as one of the reasons for the church’s confusion, as well as how the first mark of an ungodly magistrate, that of being notoriously irrational, ties directly to God’s “giving them over to a debased mind” judgment according to Romans 1.

The episode is taken from Andrew’s two-part sermon series “Ungodly Civil Magistrates” and is based on his exposition of Mark 6:14-29.

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