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TLP 38: The Communication House | God’s plan for family talk

Communication is one of the top three causes of family strife. Join AMBrewster as he discusses how your family talk can glorify God today — learn the correct talk and correct the wrong talk.


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Valentines, Communism, and Communicating Biblically” (episode 29)

“When to Raise Your Voice: is yelling ever appropriate?” (episode 48)

“Five Ways Disagreeing Children are Valuable” (episode 50)

“How to Rightly Debate Your Child” (episode 51)

Tackling Tattling | Jessica Mair Interview” (episode 93)

Why Do Your Children Say What They Say?” (episode 96)

Talking with Your Kids about God | Natasha Crain Interview” (episode 105)

Speed Parenting | how to be an Ambassador Parent when there’s no time” series (starts in episode 115)

Why “Why” Is More Important Than “What” | asking the right questions to reveal the wrong heart” (episode 144)

The War of Words | winning the war in family talk” (episode 148)

How to Handle ‘I don’t know.’” (episode 155)

Concrete Family Talk | avoiding misunderstanding; encouraging true understanding” (episode 156)

Linguistic Theft | Hillary Morgan Ferrer Interview” (episode 351)

Watch Your Language! | don’t confuse your children’s thinking” (episode 352)

Speak Like God | Al Mohler, Humpty Dumpty, Aliens, & Your Family” (episode 353)


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