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Nine Problems with Democracy

This episode continues from the topic of the last one by discussing actual problems with democracy.

We answer the following questions:

What are the problems of democracy?

  1. It is not based on absolute, unchanging truth.
  2. Eligibility to vote is not certain.
  3. A simple majority is not really “the will of the people.” 51% can plunder the 49%.
  4. It encourages factions to develop.
  5. Defensive voting is a constant headache.
  6. Special interests can trick voters with confusing ballot initiatives.
  7. A nation is not homogeneous to unite “one people.” Factors of regional differences can cause certain interests to overpower other interests.
  8. Election campaigns become increasingly expensive.
  9. It tends toward socialism.

Where does democracy actually work?

In free market contexts.

Is there anything better than either democracy or centralized power?

How about a simple, small government that protects individual rights and punishes violations such as expressed in the last five of the ten commandments?

Scriptures cited:

Judges 12:25

Isaiah 2:22

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