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Third Jab’s a Charm – Maybe

Welcome to Truthspresso Express! This is where I record an episode on my commute to or from work.

I recorded this episode on Monday, September 20th. I “celebrate” the official first release day of “booster shots” by recalling two articles I read the night before.

The first article was about how recent studies are showing that the effectiveness of certain COVID vaccines are waning. Moderna seems to be a little better than Pfizer. The most recent study shows Pfizer as low as 42% effective against the current Delta variant. The article highly recommended “booster shots” but ultimately concluded that future effectiveness still depends on how any individual immune system wants to handle injections or infections.

The second article sugar coated the FDA’s overwhelming down vote on political pressure to approve Pfizer “booster shots” by mentioning that the FDA “approved” such shots for certain older patients or some who have serious risks.

Do we really expect to handle a coronavirus pandemic with indefinite, periodic jabs of mRNA? What could be some potential side effects from too many of these shots?

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