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The Vax Vex Vortex 2

As I drive to work on Thursday I briefly hit on five articles related to our favorite politicized virus.

  1. Recent studies show the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness wanes faster and greater than before (down to 20% after four months). Pfizer admits that natural immunity is much better than two dozes of their vaccine. And…
  2. New studies from Israel and Qatar show statistically high adverse myocarditis in teenage boys getting the Pfizer vaccine. Yet…
  3. A New York federal court enforced vaccine mandates for school teachers, but mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t cracking down on government departments. And…
  4. A New York school teacher tells his story of being laid off for a year without pay until he gets vaccinated, but he already has natural immunity. And…
  5. A Colorado hospital denies a patient access to a kidney transplant until she and the donor are fully vaccinated.

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