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Revival: The Second Great Awakening (part 1)

Chelsea and I continue our series about the Christian revivals in American history.

We begin the Second Great Awakening with an overview of the times, especially from 1830-1840. Following the War for Independence the colonies now had a federal compact. The expansion westward inspired more evangelism to native Americans. Methodism grew as circuit riders preached to crowds at outdoor “camp meetings.”

The two social causes propelling revival “fires” were abolition of slavery and temperance from alcohol. Women were more involved in revival activities and organized some women’s groups around these two issues.

Immigrants from Europe brought more rationalism from the Enlightenment.

Wheras the majority of First Great Awakening revivalists held to a Reformed theology, most of the Second Great Awakening revivalists did not.

Industry and social causes possibly led some preachers toward a works-based salvation.

The fervor to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ led to the rise of cults such as the Latter Day Saints and the Millerite groups.

As we study the movers and shakers involved in the Second Great Awakening, we will seek to give all credit where it is due but observe both the good and the bad.

Scriptures Referenced:

Psalm 51:9-13

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