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Does the Right To Life Begin at Brain Activity?

Another discussion with an abortion advocate on X!

Shrugging off ad hominems, I pressed him to provide an absolute standard that can distinguish “medicine” from “murder.”

Eventually, he was kind enough to provide a theory from an article. This is the “brain-life” theory for when human life functionally begins. The article was from neuroscientist Dr. Michael Gazzaniga. He acknowledges that human life begins biologically at conception, but his practice leads him to believe bioethics can’t realistically begin for a human until at least six months gestation.

I walk through some statements in this article that try to build an ethical case for human life beginning around week 24, when the human brain starts working in the way we might determine death occurs when it stops working.

I contend in all this that an absolute standard (from the God of the Bible) is necessary to distinguish “medicine” from “murder.”

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