Does “He Gets Us” Get Him?

Once again a multimillion-dollar campaign called “He Gets Us” aired an ad during the Super Bowl.

The ad presented a slide show of people often at political odds washing one another’s feet. Well, usually it was the “conservative” washing the feet of the “liberal.”

It ended with “Jesus didn’t preach hate. He washed feet.”

What does the Bible saying about foot washing?

What does the “He Gets Us” campaign get right in the ad and its website, and what may it get wrong?

Could a campaign focused on disarming social issues lure people into becoming disciples of Jesus?

Sources Cited:

He Gets Us

Loving your neighbor is nearly impossible. How can we do it?

About Us

How did Jesus step over barriers of race, gender, and stigma on the side of the road?

He Gets Us has an agenda.

Scriptures Referenced:

John 13:13-18

Matthew 16:13-17

Mark 14:61-64

Joh 4:16-18,24,28-30

Mark 2:15-17

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John 8:30-32

Joh 17:15-23

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Mark 8:38

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