Truthspresso with Daniel Mynyk

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Truthspresso is a Christian podcast addressing theology, apologetics, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.

Celebrating 100 Episodes!

My wife Chelsea returns to Truthspresso to celebrate 100 episodes of our podcast!

We take a walk down memory lane and remember all the episodes we did to get to 100.

Lots of topics and plenty of chuckles in this show! We share some behind-the-scenes aura for some episodes. We even talk about how we got to know each other!

At the end we listed the three most downloaded episodes of Truthspresso.

Join us for this light-hearted gallivant and the longest episode to date.


The Climb Ministries

Guests on Truthspresso:

Brennan Falks (Under 1 Love)

Tyler Vela (The Freed Thinker Podcast)

Dr. Shawn Ritenour (Grove City College faculty)

Chelsea Mynyk (Castle Rock Women’s Health)

Jamal Bandy (Prescribed Truth)

Joe from WalkwithGod (WalkwithGod on YouTube)

Daniel was a guest on:

The Quest For Truth Podcast with Keith Heltsley and Nathan Caldwell (episode link)

The Rapp Report with Andrew Rappaport (episode link)

Scriptures Referenced:

1 Timothy 6:10

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