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Creationism and life issues at the 2024 Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference

Chelsea and I exhibited Castle Rock Women’s Health at theRocky Mountain Homeschool Conferencehosted by theChristian Home Educators of Colorado.

Taking a few short breaks from the exhibit I carried my portable recording gear with me. I found some exhibits with hosts willing to talk for a few minutes and pitch their services to a Truthspresso audience.

In this episode I talk about the challenges that faced the conference this year and how God worked out the details.

Notable speakers at the conference were George Barna and Heidi St. John.

Event Resources

Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC)

Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference

Exhibit Resources in this episode:

Genesis Apologetics (and their big-screen movie The Ark and the Darkness)

Colorado Right To Life

Verity’s Village with Beverly Jacobson

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