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Four Biblical Principles from the Superblians

To conclude our series of political economic topics, let’s derive some Biblical principles of economics (and against tyranny) as we break down the Tale of the Superblians.

As many humans in our story replaced simple Biblical rules for tyrannical man-made rules, they drove the benevolent Superblians away from earth. Over time, when the fog cleared, at least one started to realize the evil they had imposed against their intergalactic friends.

The Superblians helped humans prosper by practicing and teaching these four Biblical principles of economics:

  1. The Bible favors private property (Exo 20:15-17; Jer 32:6-15; Act 5:4)
  2. The Bible favors free exchange (Lev 25:14)
  3. The Bible favors savings (Gen 41; Pro 21:20; 13:22)
  4. The Bible does not favor “stimulus” (Lev 19:11; Jer 7:9; Joh 10:10; Amo 3:10; Pro 11:1; 16:11)

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