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How Abortion Politics Exploited a 10-Year-Old Girl

On July 1 the Indianapolis Star published a piece that mentioned a pregnant 10-year-old girl seeking an abortion. According to this article she had to go to Indiana because her home state of Ohio wouldn’t allow it–all because of those fiendish Supreme Court justices!

The hazy event spread around the world and became part of the abortion debate (as intended), and President Biden mentioned it in a speech. After conservative news commentators and guests expressed their doubts about the story, police arrested the perpetrator on July 12. A child abuser is now off the streets!

As details are now coming out, they raise questions about coverups and political maneuvering. Why didn’t the news initially focus on catching a criminal? Why does it seem like the arrest became a convenient trap for libel? Why did independent journalist Megan Fox of PJ Media have to struggle to get answers and be denied them? Who loses in these political games? The 10-year-old girl and the many victims who are like her!

Chelsea and I discuss what we know of the timeline and how abortion access isn’t the solution to child rape. It actually enables abuse and hides evidence!

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