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How Slander Affects You and Others

Can slander be a tool in our belt? A weapon in our arsenal?

The Bible has a lot to say about slander. Neither the one slandered nor the slanderer is the better for it.

Chelsea and I show from the Bible how slander leaves wreckage in every wake.

How slander affects the slanderer:

  1. It destroys your reputation (Pro 23:7; 29:20; 22:1)
  2. Its gains are temporary (Pro 12:19; Joh 8:44; 1Pe 3:10; Pro 21:28; 10:6)

How slander affects the one slandered:

  1. It can make enemies (Pro 15:1b; 26:28)
  2. Its wounds can be lifelong (Pro 11:9; 25:18)

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