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Is Jesus Like Batman?

We are continuing a series of episodes comparing Jesus to superheroes. This series will tackle wrong ideas about Jesus from church history in chronological order. A superhero will represent each of these ideas.

Is Jesus Like Batman

We answer this question by answering the following:

Who is Batman?

What are things that Jesus and Batman somewhat have in common?

Is Batman divine or human?

Does he have any superpowers?

What did the Ebionites believe about Jesus?

What do the Socinians believe about Jesus?

Why does Jesus have to be fully divine as well as fully human?

What are problems with Ebionism/Socinianism?

  1. A great human teacher cannot be our substitute (Gal 4:1-5).
  2. A human who is merely subject to the law cannot be our substitute (Mat 12:8; 9:6).
  3. A human-only Jesus cannot bear the penalty for the sins and capital offenses of many people (Lev 24:19-21; Joh 1:29; 1Pe 2:24; Heb 9:28; 2Co 5:21)

What are some verses against Ebionism/Socinianism?

  1. Jesus is called “God” (Joh 20:28-29 c.f. Psa 35:23; Psa 45:6 c.f. Psa 145:13 and Heb 1:8)
  2. Jesus is ascribed the attributes of God (Col 2:9; Psa 102:24-27 c.f. Heb 1:10-12; Isa 44:6 c.f. Rev 1:17-18)
  3. Jesus is worshiped as God (Isa 45:12-23 c.f. Php 2:10; Rev 4:10-11, 5:12-14 c.f. Rev 19:10, 22:8-9)

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