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Of Superblians and Superheroes

Back on February 10th I was interviewed on The Quest For Truth with Keith Heltsley and Nathan Caldwell.

We started with a little intro about me and what on earth convinced me to start this strange podcast called Truthspresso.

Of Superblians

For the first half we talked about my sci-fi audio drama “The Tale of the Superblians.”

What lessons did I intend to teach?

Do I have any plans to make a sequel?

Of Superheroes

Next we discussed the current superhero series.

How did I come up with this idea?

How can we understand Jesus better by contrasting Him with superheroes?

How can superheroes help us learn some otherwise dusty church history?

The original airing of this interview is at Life-Truth:

Superblian and Superhero, Daniel Mynik. (309)

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