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Pride Month’s Confusion over Womanhood

Chelsea and I conclude our series about Pride Month.

Ricci Tres is a 29-year-old combat veteran and father of three children who recently decided to try to be a woman. Tres was rejected from the women’s Olympic skateboarding because he has too much testosterone. He later won a NYC skateboarding competition and put a 13-year-old girl in second place. Tres admits he could “never be a woman” but wishes he were born that way. He wants to be “pretty and cute.”

Fox News aired a controversial story about the Whittington family and how their young daughter allegedly told her parents she was really a boy before she could even speak. She supposedly “came out” as a boy at age 5. The Whittingtons have been raising their daughter as a son renamed Ryland.

Stories like this lead us to ask the same question Matt Walsh asked in his documentary: “What is a woman?”

Chelsea gives biological traits of how God designed females differently from males. Men and women can have a wide range of personalities. These personalities don’t make people a different “gender” from their created biology. Gender ideology seems to confuse “gender” with “personality.”

We also look at the Word of God to see how transgenderism may be addressed.

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