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The Colorado Senate’s Abortion Dystopia!

Chelsea and I continue our coverage of Colorado’s three radical pro-abortion bills: SB23-188, SB23-189, and SB23-190.

In this episode we walk through some details for the three bills and how they could destroy genuine health care in Colorado. Abortion providers become a new protected class immune from criminal charges, even if women die in their “care.” Insurance programs must specially subsidize abortions and treatment for promiscuity. Yet, pregnancy centers become the great deceptive villains, and abortion pill reversals (progesterone) must be outlawed.

We play some salient clips from the Senate floor while they debated amendments to the bills. It was like pulling teeth for the opposition even to get the accusation that pregnancy centers are “fake clinics” removed from the legislative declaration of SB23-190.

As of this episode’s release the bills are scheduled for committee at the House. We anticipate a long day of citizen testimonies with another 3-to-1 opposition. Of course, this ratio rarely stops the radicals in the majority from being drunk on power to press ever harder a culture of death and an abortion dystopia. Prayers for this situation are very much appreciated.

Scriptures Referenced:

Psalm 37:7-13

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