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The Scientific Credibility of Faith with Dr. Hugh Ross

Do the heavens declare the glory of God or do they show indifferent chance?

Special guest Dr. Hugh Ross from Reasons To Believe joins me to talk about science and the Bible.

Dr. Ross gives his testimony for how he became a Christian after searching for answers in other religions.

We discuss various reasons the universe is no accident:

  1. Evidence for fine tuning is exploding in recent years.
  2. The moon is but one of many evidences that the universe is fine-tuned.
  3. The “zero energy” hypothesis doesn’t prove the universe came from nothing.
  4. A multiverse is a poor argument against fine tuning.
  5. Humans are a special creation of God, not a product of macroevolution.

Some fun questions toward the end include the following:

  1. What are black holes and what happens to things that get sucked in?
  2. What about the anisotropic synchrony convention for the one-way speed of light proposed by Dr. Jason Lisle?

Dr. Hugh Ross

Dr. Hugh Ross is the founder and president of Reasons To Believe, a Christian apologetics organization founded in 1986 and dedicated to showing the harmony of science and the Bible.

Dr. Ross is an astrophysicist. He holds a BSc in Physics from the University of British Columbia and an MS and PhD in Astronomy from the University of Toronto. He also spent five years of postdoctoral work at Cal Tech studying quasars and galaxies.

Dr. Ross has written at least 18 books. The latest include Weathering Climate Change: A Fresh Approach, Always Be Ready: A Call To Adventurous Faith, and Improbable Planet: How Earth Became Humanity’s Home. Perhaps his most popular book is The Creator and the Cosmos, originally published in 1993, now in its 4th edition in 2018.

Dr. Ross is an international speaker and has presented at hundreds of university campuses as well as at conferences and churches around the world.


Reasons To Believe

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