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The Tale of the Superblians part 3

Welcome to the first made-up, imaginary, fictional type story on Truthspresso!

This episode is part 3 and concludes the Tale of the Superblians.

Jake arrives at the convention center after Dr. Tom Words finished delivering a speech against Dr. Paul Drugman’s article in the New Dork Times. Jake still wants to meet Dr. Words before he has to catch his plane. As Jake befriends Superblians, he has the sneaking suspicion that society is beginning to reevaluate their own.

Some real life type people figures make guest appearances or are mentioned in this part. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the super guilty alike.

Parodied appearances:

Paul Krugman as “Paul Drugman”

Robert P. Murphy as “Robert P. Nerfy”

Thomas E. Woods as “Thomas E. Words”

Megyn Kelly as “Megyn Skelly”

Bernie Sanders as “Senator Bernie Slanders”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “Alexandria Ocrazio-CourtSays”

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