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Victories Over Molech (part 2)

Chelsea and I talk about more recent victories over Molech.

First, we look at the recent leaked document from the FBI targeting “traditional Catholics” as potential “terrorists.”

Then, we see four cases in the UK in which police punish pro-life people for their “silent prayer” activity in a censorship zone:

  1. Isabel Vaughn-Spruce
  2. Adam Smith-Connor
  3. Sean Gogh
  4. Livia Tossici-Bolt

All four are challenging the charges and seeking to be cleared in a court. We believe their cooperative but steadfast battles are victories over Molech. they reveal how absurd the Public Space Protection Orders are to try to shield abortion clinics from people who must be asked “Were you praying silently in your head?”

Scriptures Referenced:

Matthew 6:5-6; 5:10-16

2 Chronicles 32:7

Sources Consulted:

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