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Was Jesus a Socialist? (part 4)

In this episode of Truthspresso Express I chat about Jesus and socialism while driving to work.

A coworker recently made the claim to me that Jesus was a socialist. I have certainly heard this claim before, but I figured I would address it.

In part 4 I look at one of the socialist’s prooftexts: the account of the rich young ruler. We see that this story doesn’t teach any forced redistribution of wealth. Jesus’ instructions to give up all possessions are also not universal to all disciples.

Jesus was dispelling the religious thought at the time that the wealth of religious leaders was proof of God’s approval.

We also read some Bible verses from the Old Testament to show that being rich or poor is not the issue but wisdom and righteousness with wealth.

Scriptures Cited:

Deuteronomy 8:17:18

Ruth 2:1

2 Chronicles 1:12

Psalm 49:6; 112:3

Proverbs 13:11,22-23; 19:14; 24:3-4

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Proverbs 3:16

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