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Was Jesus a Socialist? (part 7)

In this episode of Truthspresso Express I chat about Jesus and socialism while driving to work.

A coworker recently made the claim to me that Jesus was a socialist. I have certainly heard this claim before, but I figured I would address it.

In part 7 I look at the three parables in Luke chapter 15 about “lost things”:

  1. The lost sheep
  2. The lost coin
  3. The lost son (the prodigal son)

These parables clearly teach property ownership and how this naturally (or should) lead to valuing and stewarding this property.

The prodigal son especially includes anti-socialistic details:

  1. The father owned property.
  2. The father basically owned a business and hired employees.
  3. There was property inheritance for families, and there is no socialistic inheritance tax.
  4. The younger son became poor by not stewarding his inheritance.
  5. The younger son didn’t need a handout but a change of perspective.
  6. The younger son realized he sinned with his spending habits.
  7. The father treated his sons differently from his employees.
  8. The call to sinners is repentance, not to redistribute wealth.
  9. There are good and bad rich people just as there are good and bad poor people.

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