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We are a podcast the seeks to answer the question of "what are we even doing here?" from a biblical perspective.

Sufficiency of Christ with No Compromise Radio’s Mike Abendroth

On this episode I had the honor to speak with Pastor Mike Abendroth, Pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, MA and host of No Compromise Radio. We talked about his show and ministry, as well as how the Lord Jesus drew Mike to Himself. Most importantly we discuss the sufficiency of Jesus Christ and what that means in preaching and the life of the believer. We also touch on a few other important things to remember for the Christian life. As always, we have a little fun at the end.

I hope you are as blessed and encouraged listening as I was speaking with Pastor Mike. Please check out his show, and if you are in the West Boylston area, stop in and worship with his congregation.

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Bethlehem Bible Churchhttp://bbcchurch.org

No Compromise Radio https://bbcchurch.org/ministries/no-compromise-radio/