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We are a podcast the seeks to answer the question of "what are we even doing here?" from a biblical perspective.

Talking With Troy Frasier of Revived Thoughts

On this episode I was honored to interview a cohost of one of my favorite podcasts Revived Thoughts.  Troy is very encouraging in his passion for truth and to serve the Lord.  He and his partner Joel take old sermons that have never been recorded and have them narrated.  They also give a history of the pastor who preached them originally as well as a history of what was going on at that time.  When you listen it is not just like someone is reading a stiff paper.  The narrators read as if they are preaching.  In fact many of them are preachers.  The sermons themselves are still relevant today.  If you didn’t know they were from pastors as far back as hundreds of years ago you’d think they were preached last Lord’s day.

We hope this interview blesses and encourages you.  It was an honor to interview Troy and hope to get him on again.  Make sure you check out Revived Thoughts in the Christian Podcast Community or wherever podcasts can be found.  

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